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    One Size organic Diaper, Snowland

    suitable for 4-16 kg

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    One of the simplest diaper solutions on the cloth diaper market, consisting of diaper overtrousers that can be perfectly adjusted with press studs and Velcro fasteners and two specially shaped inserts (1 small & 1 large).

    The ImseVimse One Size Diaper fits from approx. 4-16kg.
    For newborns, the overtrousers are set small and only the small insert is used, later you switch to the large insert (from about 6kg). In addition, you can tie the small insert into the large one if there is more suction required, for example for the night.
    If the insert is only wet, it is simply exchanged for a new one (additional inserts are available separately). The overpants do not have to be washed every time!

    The overtrousers are very soft and offer optimal protection against outflow due to the double leg cuffs!

    Scope of delivery:
    1x cover
    1x insert set Organic (1x large and 1x small)

    Pants: 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane
    Insoles: 100% organic cotton

    Washable up to 60 ° and suitable for tumble drying

    Certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 product class 1 for baby products.
    Made in Latvia.

    Washing instructions:

    1) Rinse the used diaper with cold water and wring it out well.
    2) Note: Rinse the diaper with the shower head of your shower directly above the toilet.
    3) Place the wet diaper in a bucket. You don’t need to add water or anything else. The diaper can stay in this way for up to three days.
    4) Diapers and pants are usually washed at 60 degrees. To clean the cloth diapers particularly thoroughly, you can also wash them at 90 ° C if necessary. Close the Velcro fasteners of the diaper pants and all-in-one diapers. Note: Wash the diapers with your other laundry.
    5) It is best to hang cloth diapers and diaper pants to dry. The diapers can also be dried in a dryer at a low temperature, but the material wears out more quickly. Never dry ImseVimses products on hot radiators or towel dryers as the polyester layer can melt. Note: If you use diaper towels, you can already prepare and fold them after washing and drying, making it easier for you to change diapers.
    6) New cloth diapers, nursing pads and sanitary napkins should be washed before first use, as this improves moisture absorption. Diaper pants can be used directly without washing.
    7) Detergent: We recommend using an environmentally friendly detergent that is free of zeolite. Zeolite are small aluminum particles that can destroy the material of the diaper pants and also unnecessarily wear other textiles during washing. Also, do not use fabric softener as it lies on the material like a film and thus significantly reduces moisture absorption. Under no circumstances should the diaper pants be treated with a bleach. The cloth diapers can be bleached if necessary and stubborn stains.


    Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


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