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    Fairness all along the line.
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    GARY MASH® has been a Fairtrade licensee since 2013 and has since then been responsible for the associated standards. These are developed by the umbrella organization Fairtrade International, FLO for short. The control of standards in practice is again the responsibility of the organization FLO-Cert, which is the independent certification and control organization under Fairtrade. In the corporate organization of Fairtrade International, the association Fairtrade Austria, founded in 1993, looks after marketing, information and public relations and awards the Fairtrade seal for fair trade products.

    All of Fairtrade’s businesses share the common goal of improving the lives of all farmers and workers in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    Fairtrade Standards

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    Stable minimum prices and additional Fairtrade premium

    The Fairtrade Reserve helps farmers families to cover the costs of sustainable production. It depends on the different cotton qualities and cultivation regions. If the local market price is above the fairtrade reserve price, the higher price must be paid. The Fairtrade minimum price for organic cotton is higher than that for conventionally grown cotton.

    In addition to the Fairtrade Minimum Price, the buyer must pay a Fairtrade premium of 5 cents per kilogram of Fairtrade cotton. Producers use this premium for joint projects, such as educational, health or infrastructure projects.

    Environmentally friendly production method: ban on genetically modified seeds

    Fairtrade stands for strict environmental standards to protect the health and safety of smallholder families, conserve nature and ban genetically modified seeds and hazardous chemicals. The smallholder families are also committed to the most efficient use of water in cultivation. In addition, if organic cotton is purchased, an organic surcharge will be paid for the goods.

    Improved working conditions and democratic organization

    Fairtrade cotton comes exclusively from small-scale farmers who either democratically merge into cooperatives or produce cotton in contract farming. They pass on their cotton to a company that resells the cotton for them and must also comply with the Fairtrade standards. This company is responsible for passing on the proceeds from the sale of Fairtrade cotton to the farmers.

    Ban on exploitative child labor

    Fairtrade prohibits exploitative child labor and forced labor and considers the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions as the relevant standards on child labor. Wherever there is a risk of exploitative child labor or child labor being discovered, the measures resulting from these principles must be applied. The successes of fair trade show that measures to strengthen producer families through fairer pay and education for children can help to eliminate child labor and to improve the living conditions of entire families in the long term.

    Specifications for further processing

    All stakeholders in the wider supply chain are required to provide evidence of compliance with the ILO Core Labor Standards. This applies to all steps of further processing such as gutting, spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, finishing. If there is no proof, FLOCERT will take over the inspection.

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    Where do the GARY MASH® textiles come from?

    The majority of women’s and men’s textiles in our online shop are produced especially for our label GARY MASH®. The location of the textile production is in South India. Renewable energy from photovoltaics is used for production.
    With the help of Fairtrade, this is already involved in various social activities. These include, for example, a “mobile hospital” that provides workers with free checkups, medicines and treatments. Or a free eye exam, in which once a year about 1000 people examined and possibly receive glasses and medications. As well as a school for children, which was founded in 1999. It offers children free education, transport links to the school, books, etc. Yes, even yoga classes are offered to the employees of the company.
    And much more.

    We have been and are regularly on site to convince ourselves of the Fairtrade standards.

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