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    Luffa sponges in a Pack of 7

    100% plastic free & compostable

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    The Chinchilla® kitchen sponges made of loofah sponge and cotton enable you to clean dishes, surfaces and more in a plastic-free, clean, simple and environmentally friendly way. The dishwashing sponges are reusable, washable and, after extensive use, can simply be thrown into the organic waste or compost as they are made of 100% natural materials – your alternative to conventional household sponges made of plastic!
    The 7 sponges come in two different sizes to perfectly clean every corner.

    – 100% natural & vegan
    – cleans gently without chafing
    – versatile
    – reusable
    – Washable up to 60 ° C
    – compostable

    Rinsing, cleaning furniture, washing surfaces – the sponges are versatile. Store in a dry place and hang up to dry on the practical ribbon. Soak the sponge in a vinegar-water mixture every now and then to kill bacteria and make the sponges hygienic again.
    At up to 60 ° C you can simply put your sponges in the washing machine.
    After 4-6 weeks you should still replace your sponge despite regular care and washing.

    – Plastic free:
    Dishwashing sponges made of 100% natural loofah & cotton – your plastic-free alternative to conventional dishwashing sponges made of synthetic fibers and foam. Packed in a folding box made of recyclable cardboard to avoid plastic and packaging waste – for a clean environment.

    – Versatile:
    The sponges can be used in a variety of ways, as their gentle nature means they do not leave any scratches on surfaces – they are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area for cleaning grills or trimmings.

    – Natural & vegan:
    Made from renewable and sustainable resources – without adhesives, plastics, solvents or materials of animal origin. For a lifestyle as it should be.

    Dispose of on the compost or in organic waste.


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