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Sling carrier with Cotton bag

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If you carry your child in a sling, you give him closeness and security and you are more free in your movements.

Nothing is more beautiful than the comforting scent of a baby! ImseVimse’s wrap is a tricot wrap made from 100% organic cotton. ImseVimse tries to process materials as effectively as possible. Therefore, the cloth is supplied in a cloth bag, which is made from sections that arise during the manufacture of the sling.

The sling is well suited for newborns, premature babies and babies in the first year of life. It can be bound in different ways and it is not difficult to become familiar with its use. Due to the fact that the cloth is made elastic, it adapts optimally to the body of the baby and parents. This also makes it easy to bring the baby into the frog position where he prefers to lie – with his knees drawn up and his C-shaped back. It is also easy to breastfeed while the child is in the towel.

available in black, mint green and blue

50 x 500 cm with narrow ends

100% organic cotton wrap
Packed in a fabric bag from production waste.

Certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 product class 1 for baby products.
Knitted in Sweden and sewn in Latvia.

Safety instructions – Sling carrier:

– Always check that the scarf is properly knotted and that it is sitting as directed. Do not tie it too loosely – it is stretchy and resembles your body and that of the baby.

– Never cover your child’s face and check regularly that the child is in the correct position. Make sure that the child’s face is not pressed against your body as this would affect breathing.

– Do not use the sling if you have problems with balance or mobility.

– Leaning forward, standing on your head or stumbling and falling can cause the child to fall out of the sling.

– Never use the sling during activities such as cooking or cleaning that could pose a risk to the child from heat or chemicals.

– Never leave your child alone in or near the sling if you are not wearing it on your body.

– Initially stand in front of a mirror to tie your cloth. Maybe try it out first with the help of a doll. It is best to put your child in the sling when it is full, satisfied and happy.

– If you are wearing a jacket, it is a good idea to wear the child under the jacket in a cloth and then close the jacket around you and the child.

– Be very careful to protect the child’s feet and head from the sun, wind and cold. The little ones can hypothermia very quickly when it is a little colder outside.

– In winter it is good to ensure that you have suitable footwear or good slip protection under the soles so that you do not run the risk of slipping with the child in the sling.


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


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