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    One size diaper cover + Inserts, Yellow Sprinkle

    wächst mit dem Kind mit!

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    The cloth diaper grows with the child thanks to snaps and Velcro and can be perfectly adjusted at any time. The combination of diaper covers and specially shaped inserts is one of the simplest changing solutions: for small children or newborns, the covers are adjusted tightly and the small insert is used. As the child grows, the diaper is gradually made larger and the large insert is used. The pads can also be combined, e.g. at night, to provide additional absorbency.

    Scope of delivery:
    1x diaper cover
    2x inserts (1x small, 1x large)

    Overpants: 100% polyurethane laminate (PUL)
    Inserts: 100% cotton

    Made in Latvia.

    Use of the one size diaper

    The one-size diaper grows with the child and therefore fits throughout the changing time. It has snaps on the front, which can be optimally adjusted to the size of the child, depending on the growth of the child. The diaper consists of two separate parts (two-piece system/all-in-two): a waterproof outer pant and two inserts that button together with the pant. The small pad is perfect for newborns and will later be replaced with the large pad. But they can also be combined to increase the suction power. The insoles must be washed after each use. The diaper cover, on the other hand, can be used for 2-4 diaper changes. It is often enough to simply rinse them out briefly and only later do they go into the washing machine.

    How many diapers do I need?
    6-8 one-size nappies for the entire changing time (if you change nappies 8 times a day, wash every third day).
    In addition, approx. 18 extra sets with inserts.

    Washing Instructions & Care

    New cloth diapers (all-in-one) and pads should be washed before first use to increase absorbency. The diaper covers can be used directly without washing.

    Diaper change:
    After use, rinse the diapers with cold water and wring them out thoroughly. It is best to rinse the diaper directly with a shower head over the toilet or over a bucket in the shower or bath.
    Then place the wet diapers in a bucket with a lid. There is no need to add water or any additional agent to the bucket. The diapers can be collected there for up to three days.

    Wash and dry:
    Wash the diapers at 60°C with zeolite-free detergent. If necessary or if the diapers need to be particularly clean, they can also be washed at 90°C.
    Before washing, always close the Velcro fasteners on the all-in-one diapers and diaper covers and only open them again when the diaper is completely dry.
    Then hang the diapers up and let them air dry. The nappies are dryer safe, but this means the fabric wears out quickly. If the diapers are still put in the dryer, then only at a low temperature.
    IMPORTANT: Do not use fabric softener as this reduces absorbency. Alternatively, this can be replaced with a dash of vinegar. Use bleach only when absolutely necessary.


    Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


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