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    File set with 3 files

    Set of Pro, Glass & Polishing File

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    File set consisting of three nail files: A professional file with two sides for shortening and shaping nails.
    Professional file with two sides for shortening and shaping the nails
    Glass file to seal the nails
    – Polishing file with two sides for smoothing and polishing nails

    1. Professional file with two sides for shortening and shaping the nails:
    The file combines two different grit sizes, so the side with the medium grit is great for shortening while the side with the fine grit shapes the nails. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the file is extremely durable.

    – Perfect for trimming and shaping nails
    – Even abrasion
    – Robust special coating
    – Straight form
    – Flexible core
    – Cleaning with water and standard disinfectants

    2. Glass file for sealing nails:
    The high-quality glass file is particularly gentle on the nails due to the finer grinding surface and seals the nails when filing, which reduces nail breakage. Even painted nails can be filed or touched up without any problems, without the nail polish chipping off.

    Due to the particularly sustainable and durable material, the handy size and the wide range of possible uses, this nail file is always a good companion. The nail file can be cleaned and disinfected with water and standard disinfectants.

    – Glass nail file
    – Sustainable & long lasting
    – Fine grinding surface
    – Even abrasion
    – Reduces nail breakage
    – Cleaning with water and standard disinfectants

    3. Polishing file with two sides for nail smoothing and polishing:
    This polishing file is an absolute must for a sensational shine and care of the natural nail. The pink side gently cleanses the nail while the white side polishes the nail to a high shine. Thanks to the special coating of the polishing file, small residues are gently removed, as are bumps and discolorations. The nails are sealed and given a wonderful shine. Thanks to the smooth nail surface, nail polish can also be applied more evenly and looks smoother and therefore more beautiful.

    File away scratches, grooves and discolouration with light pressure. Then polish with the other side of the file. After use, briefly rinse the polishing file with water and allow it to dry thoroughly.

    – Gentle cleaning and brilliant polish
    – Uniform coating for extra shine and care
    – Straight form
    – Flexible core
    – Cleaning with water and standard disinfectants

    File the fingernails into the desired nail shape and degrease the nails so that the polish can hold optimally. Do not use hand cream or other care products before painting. Apply the Top & Base Coat thinly and evenly and let it dry, then apply the color coat.
    Finally, recoat with OZN Elly to protect the paintwork and give it a nice shine. The color stays intense and radiant for longer.
    Apply the OZN Nail Oil regularly to the nails and cuticles and massage in gently. It is best to apply it to your finger about 1 cm in front of the nail bed, as that is where the nail develops under the skin and you can strengthen it in advance.


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