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Doris Dots Knee-Highs Black

from recycled material

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Experience timeless polka dots with the Doris Dots knee socks from Swedish Stockings.

That‘s why you‘ll love the Doris stockings as much as we do:

– 40 denier knee socks
– Semi-transparent
– Soft and wide waistband
– 100% emission-free stockings
– Zero-waste production
– Knitted from recycled yarn

92% recycled polyamide
8% elastane

Made in Italy.

The production is supplied with solar energy. Swedish Stockings uses recycled and sustainable materials. The water that is used during production and the dyeing process is then cleaned and can even be drunk.

Nylon yarn, which is currently being used to make state-of-the-art tights, is made from an environmentally harmful, petroleum-based manufacturing process that results in harmful carbon emissions. What’s more, modern tights are not made for eternity. These harmful practices in the fashion industry are omnipresent. We believe that the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to pave the way, and so Swedish Stockings was born.

Swedish Stockings manufactures pantyhose from both pre- and post-consumer nylon waste. The production process is much less harmful to the environment than traditional nylon production, and is constantly looking for innovative and clean ways to save or reuse water, reduce emissions, reduce waste and recycle. With this highly efficient recycling process, Swedish Stockings has reduced its energy and water consumption.

Swedish Stockings uses sustainable processes for production, environmentally friendly dyes, takes care of the aftertreatment of the water and uses solar energy for much of the energy needed for the manufacturing process.


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