criteria for the FAIRTRADE quality label are developed by FAIRTRADE International. They are checked by the independent certification body FLO-Cert’GmbH (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation Certification). This involves, among other things, the transparency concerning the entire production chain. And it puts those in the centre who cultivate and harvest the cotton: the producers and the small farmers.
The objective is to establish long-term commercial relationships. Buyers undertake to pay a guaranteed minimum price that may not fall below, even with lower market prices and they pay a social premium to the producers.

The shirts from GARY MASH® are made by a textile company in Southern India. With the aid of FAIRTRADE the company is engaged in different social activities. They have, for example a “mobile hospital” which gives every worker with free preventive examinations, medicine and medical treatment. They also do free eye examinations. Once a year approximately a thousand people get  examined and, if necessary, they receive glasses or medication.
In 1999 a school was founded which provides
children with free education, books, transportation to and from the school, etc. The employees are even offered
yoga classes. And much more.
We have personally visited the textile company to see for ourselves that the workers have positive and humane working conditions. Here you can have a look at some pictures of our visit.

For cultivation of
conventional cotton
chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used. 150 grams of toxin are found in every T-shirt.
Furthermore, the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton use scarce drinking water and poison ground water sustainably.

Organic cotton is produced according to the guidelines of organic farming. Genetically modified seeds must not be used. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited. This improves the health of farmers, and the environmental impact decreases dramatically. By a crop rotation (ie, the organic cotton is cultivated in rotation with other crops) the soil fertility will maintain or even improve. Direct irrigation in the organic variant of the textile fiber saves water.
Especially allergy sufferers and people with eczema have to fear any residues of pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

In addition to numerous positive aspects that affect the cultivation, processing and wearing of organic cotton, the FAIRTRADE seal is our guarantee for the fulfillment of social standards.
It ensures fair prices and better working conditions. Moreover, the additional FAIRTRADE premium is invested in desperately needed educational, health or environmental projects.


Our bags are made from 100% cotton (bag handles are partially made ​​of synthetic fiber, see product description). They are made entirely by hand by us.
An exception to this are the FAIRTRADE bags. These bags are produced by a FAIRTRADE certified factory and are printed by us.

The wallets from GARY MASH® are made of Tyvek® which is produced in Luxembourg and is
printed in Germany. After printing we process them further by hand in Austria.

A product is
vegan, if it does not contain any animal products or material. This affects not only the food,
but also other
products for everyday use.
For textiles and accessories this means – no silk, fur, down, wool or leather is used.



Upcycling means that new products are made from no longer used materials.
As a result no new resources are required and there arises no waste.

So we turn for example a jeans into a wonderful individual piece or buttons into ear studs!

100 % vegan range
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