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Compostable Sponge Set, Dots

from Cellulose

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Wipe out synthetic sponges and disposable paper products! Choose the eco-friendly solution. Make sure you always have the reusable ecological alternative in stock! Made from 100% renewable resources (70% FSC certified cellulose, 30% cotton and vegetable dyes), sponge cloths can be washed both in the dishwasher and in the washing machine to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

They are suitable for use and reuse in the home or, even better, in the open air (camping or boat), where disposal is more difficult!

To speed up the composting process, the wipes should be cut into small pieces at the end of their life.

70% FSC certified cellulose
30% cotton
vegetable dyes

each 17 x 20 cm

Made in Sweden.


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