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The Razor Vintage Safety Razor

made of Ebony & die-cast Zinc

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Safety razor with handle insert made of real ebony with a closed comb. The safety razor consists of three parts that can be screwed apart to change the blade. The comb is closed for a smooth shave. The head is made of high-quality, chrome-plated die-cast zinc with logo branding – rustproof. Perfectly balanced, it lies securely in the hand. Best quality and workmanship – made in Solingen. There are 10 razor blades in the slipcase. Accompany you for a lifetime, therefore more cost-effective than system razors in the long run. Matching razor blades are available here in the shop or in drugstores and in specialist shops. Our planes are made by the Giesen & Forsthoff manufactory. Giesen & Forsthoff is a renowned specialist and global exporter for high-quality shaving and manicure items of all kinds.

Net weight:

19 x 3 cm

– The vintage safety razor
– Chrome-plated die-cast zinc headboard with a closed comb with a handle length of 100 mm
– Real ebony handle
– Including 10 razor blades
– Made in Germany. The masterpiece from Solingen

Instructions of use:
Carefully unscrew the handle and insert a fresh blade. Do not overtighten the thread when screwing it together. Cleanse the face before shaving. Makes the whiskers soft. Whip up shaving soap with a shaving brush, alternatively massage the Face + Shave Oil into the wet beard hair. Short lines in the direction of the beard growth, without pressure. Rinse the safety razor regularly with water. Leave it for one shave or do a second run across the direction of beard growth. We recommend a fresh blade after three to four shaves. After using the safety razor, rinse it under hot water and dry it carefully. The blades can remain in the blade head with regular shaving. We recommend removing the blade for longer storage without shaving. Maintain the ebony insert with oil at regular intervals. Simply use household olive oil or Face + Shave Oil. If properly cared for, the plane can accompany you for a lifetime.


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