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Fruit Bowl Fresco

from Bamboo fibers

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The shapely fruit bowl, made of bamboo fiber, provides fresh fruit in an innovative way. The well thought-out shape of the fruit bowl prevents fruit of different sizes from being crushed or crushed. And it is an eye-catcher on every table!

Diameter: Ø 35 cm
Height: 6 cm

The material for the colorful tableware series BIOBU by the French manufacturer Ekobo consists of a combination of ground bamboo fibers, a highly renewable, natural raw material, and a 100% food-safe melamine binder. It is designed for
everyday use, whether at home or on the go, and is a great alternative to conventional plastic, disposable or porcelain dishes. The material is 100% non-toxic and no layer of paint or sealant is applied to the products afterwards.

Bamboo fibers, corn, food-safe melamine resin

– more robust and durable than glass or porcelain
– Dishwasher safe up to 75 ° C
– Suitable for cold and hot dishes
– 100% food safe
– Free of PVC, phthalate and BPA
– NOT suitable for microwave or oven!

Please note:
Even if the material is extremely stable and durable, it is still not indestructible. It doesn’t crack like glass or porcelain, but if it falls onto a hard surface with one edge, parts can flake off.


EKOBO products with bamboo fibers come from sustainably controlled cultivation and are manufactured in Vietnam and China by local artisans – this stabilizes the village structures and the artisans do not have to leave their home to ensure the existence of their families. In this way, fair and generation-conscious production conditions are guaranteed.

The production is subject to high standards and the added value remains fairly with the producers.

CO2 footprint:
Bamboo is a fast growing plant and produces 30% more oxygen than conventional trees.


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