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Auromère herbal toothpaste

can also be used by children

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24 effective plants combined in one toothpaste – this herbal toothpaste is a natural product from the treasure chest of nature. Extracts of the neem tree, clove oil and licorice counteract plaque and caries-causing bacteria. Chinese date, yellowwood, rose apple and baleria strengthen and soothe the gums. Fine mineral cleansing agents gently cleanse the teeth and gently remove harmful dental plaque. Thyme, mint and Ceylon cinnamon provide a very pleasant and unique taste.

This herbal toothpaste by Apeiron is very mild and can also be used by children. It contains no unnecessary frother, is economical to dose and therefore very economical. Gentle freshness, mild cleansing – suitable for children from the age of 3 years. Auromère® herbal toothpaste is the ideal dental care for the whole family.

75 ml


Calcium carbonate, Water, Glycerine (vegetable), Sorbitol, Licorice, Silica, Niembaum, Toothbrush tree, Pomegranate, Chinese date, Rose apple, Clove, European walnut, Barleria, Almond, Yellowwood, Galleiche, Yellowwood, Nepal pepper, Sappan tree, Madder, Catechu Acacia, Sarsaparilla, Ceylon Cinnamon, Spanish Cherry, Moroccan, Egyptian Cumin, Geranium, True Thyme, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Anise, Seaweed, Sodium Benzoate

Calcium carbonates, aqua, glycerol, sorbitol, glycyrrhiza glabra bark *, silica, melia azadirachta bark *, saladora persica root *, punica granatum pericarp *, zizyphus jujuba fruit *, syzygium jambolana bark *, eugenia caryophyllus bark *, juglans regia shell * Barberry prionitis bark *, Prunus amygdalus shell *, Terminalia sericea nut *, Quercus infectoria bark *, Zanthoxylum americanum bark *, Zanthoxylum alatum bark *, Caesalpinia sappans bark *, Rubia cordifolia bark *, Acacia catechu bark *, Smilax aristolochiaefolia bark * Cinnamomum ceylanicum bark, Mimusops elangi bark, Anacyclus pyrethrum bark, Carum copticum flower, Geranium maculatum flower, Thymus vulgaris seed, Mentha piperita leave, Mentha viridis leave, Eucalyptus globulus leave, Pimpinella anisum seed **, Chondrus crispus **, preserved with: sodium benzoate, * extract ** oil


BDIH Naturkosmetik


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