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Assorted colored balloons, 24 pieces

made of natural Rubber

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Unique worldwide: Fair trade certified balloons made of natural rubber!

– Balloon circumference approx. 90 cm each
– very elastic
– tear-resistant and durable
– water repellent
– Made from renewable raw materials

Content: 24 pieces

Natural rubber:
Natural rubber is a valuable raw material from Sri Lanka that is biodegradable. Rubber trees can bind a lot of carbon dioxide from the air and thus make an enormous contribution to climate protection. No forests or other natural ecosystems are destroyed for the cultivation of rubber.
Derived from the sap of the rubber tree, rubber can break down and naturally degrade under the influence of sun, moisture and air.
The material is strong enough to withstand the mechanical and cleaning agent stress for a long time, but still ensures the necessary sensitivity.

A fair trade premium is paid for every kilogram of Natulatex that Fairzone processes. The smallholders, producers or workers can then decide for themselves how they use the Fairtrade premium: to improve working and living conditions, clean drinking water or additional pensions.


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