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Care yourself

Winter time is a real stress test for your skin. Moisture, dryness, freezing cold - you should spoil yourself and your skin especially in the dark season.

Gentle cleaning

You should hold yourself back with scrubs, facial brushes, or alcoholic tonic during the cold months. Use mild and natural cleaning products in winter.

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Rich face care

Due to the cold, sebum glands slow down their activity so that moisture is lost. At these freezing temperatures, you should use high-fat creams that contain argan or olive oil, for example. These additives remove tension from the skin and give it a velvety, soft feeling.

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Soft skin

You should enjoy the morning shower as short as possible and not too hot. Good body care is particularly important in the cold season. What best protects and cares for your skin now:

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Healthy hair

In general, do not shower too hot, brush sparingly and blow-dry gently. Use mild and moisturizing shampoos as well as nourishing conditioners and oils. They make your hair shine even in winter time.

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Smooth lips

Only around the mouth are sebum glands, the delicate lip skin itself has none. That is why external fat is so important. Lip care sticks with vegetable waxes and oils nourish your lips until they are smooth again.

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